Saturday, October 15, 2016

Publication - Mute Melodist Volume 2, Number 1

Aesthetique Journal for International Literary Enterprises (AJILE, E-ISSN 2456-1754), 
Volume 2, Number 1

AJILE invites scholarly articles and research papers from academicians, teachers and research scholars on “Literature across Frontiers”. AJILE is an international bi-annual peer reviewed electronic journal designed to give wings to the scholarly and academic aspirations of the literary community around the world. Each featured issue aims at furthering research and fostering academic deliberations clustered around a distinctive thrust area of contemporary literary and/or linguistic relevance.

Thrust Areas
·         Intertextuality
·         Literature and other arts
·         Literatures
·         Convergences and contrasts
·         Influence Studies
·         Translation Studies
·         Comparative Studies
·         Adaptation and Pastiche

We request you to strictly adhere to the following criteria:
1.       The entire paper should be typewritten in MS Word, Times New Roman, 11 font size (12 for title), single spaced.

2.       Unpublished, original articles alone will be entertained. Plagiarism of any sort will lead to rejection of the paper.

3.       The word limit for the full paper is 1500-3000 words.

4.       For in-text citations MLA 7/MLA 8 stylesheet must be adhered to (Parenthetical referencing within the text, hanging indent only for quotations running into more than 4 lines).

5.       Works cited, strictly following MLA 7/ MLA 8 standards should be appended to the full paper.
For detailed submission guidelines, see the link:

Publication Fee: There will be NO publication charge for authors

Submission Deadline: We follow continuous publication model. A volume typically includes 45 to 50 submissions.

We accept only electronic submissions. 

Email your articles to

For any clarification please feel free to contact us at

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