Thursday, May 23, 2013


Call for Papers:

The 11th convocation of ICOSAL is scheduled to be held at BHU, Varanasi during  23-25 January, 2014.

ICOSAL is an international forum of scholars from across the globe that deliberates on various aspects of the languages of South Asia. The previous Conferences have attracted a large number of senior and young Indian and foreign scholars to participate. Four of the ten conferences were hosted by the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University. Six conferences of ICOSAL have been held in India at Punjabi University, University of Hyderabad, Annamalai University, Osmania University, and Aligarh Muslim University. Banaras Hindu University is hosting the 11th conference.

The proceedings of the Ist ICOSAL have been edited by L. V. Khokholova and published under the title Vagabharati in 1998. The proceedings of the 5th ICOSAL have been edited by Colin Masica in 2007 under the title New perspectives on South Asian Languages: Grammar & Semantics. The 8th ICOSAL proceedings, edited by  A. R. Fatihi have appeared under the title Language vitality in South Asia. The proceedings of the 10th ICOSAL will appear soon under the joint editorship of Hans Henry Hock and Alice Davison.

The areas to be deliberated upon at the Conference [ICOSAL 11] are as follows:

Phonology, Morphology and Syntax; Semantics and Pragmatics; Applied Linguistics; Language Technology; Language Pathology, Historical Linguistics, Cultural and Political history of South Asian Languages; Language Endangerment and Language Policies; Divergent development of South Asian Languages. Sanskrit Grammatical Tradition; Tamil Grammatical Tradition; Writing Systems; Emergence of New Literary Languages in SA; Textual Criticism and epistemology; Theatre in South-Asia; Relevance of Classical South Asian Literatures in Contemporary World.

Submission of Abstract- 31 July, 2013.
Notification of Acceptance – 31 October, 2013.
Abstracts not exceeding 300 words should be e-mailed at
web-site-  Link [under preparation]at BHU website

Registration Fees: 1. General: INR 2500 or USD 50
                                     2. Special: For research students of the Indian Varsities: INR 1000.

Organising Committee:
Organising Secretary:  Raj Nath Bhat
Co-coordinators:  MS Pandey, RB Misra, AK Mishra, AK Thakur, Sanjukta Ghosh.
Coordinators: Sponsors [to be announced]

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